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                                                                                    ABOUT US

We launched Festivilia in Beta in 2017 as a result of our own experiences as filmmakers and submitting our films to film festivals. Over the years, we have learned that festival distribution is a serious phase of our film careers and getting the most out of this should be of utmost importance and focus. However, we have come to realise that just randomly submitting our works to any film festival we come across is both a money and time wasting activity.  

We understand that there are a few festival submission platforms that make it easy for filmmakers to search and submit their films to festivals easily but we realise that it's still not effective as we still have to sit down for hours every month browsing and sorting festivals that are right for our films. 

With today's technology, we know that there should easily be a seamless solution and we decided to solve our own problem. With a team of both passionate filmmakers and highly skilled programmers, we have finally made it possible for us and our fellow filmmakers including you to get the most out of your festival runs. 

With our proprietary and powerful algorithm, your film automatically gets submitted to a range of reputable film festivals based on a number of factors including your genre, length, location etc. This is done by just filling ONLY ONE festival submission form. 

We now have a 70% acceptance rate!! 

You never have to worry about your festival distribution again! Now you can have enough free time so you can keep doing what you know how to do best, make more films!!!!

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